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Clifford and Cheryl Buchanan
Diamond B Cattle
Diamond B Cattle Company
Decatur, Texas, 940-389-3816
Email: diamondcb@yahoo.com
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Diamond B Cattle Company
I am Clifford Buchanan, a third generation farmer. My wife Cheryl and I have owned and operated Diamond B Cattle Company since 1980. Our farm is located about five miles west of Decatur, Texas, the county seat of Wise County.
For 26 years, we operated a dairy and showed local, state and national champion Jersey cows, including a National Futurity winner in 1989. When we retired from the dairy business in 2006, we kept our most prized Jerseys, knowing that we couldn’t totally remove ourselves from a lifestyle that we had loved for so long.
Those champion Jerseys are now part of a venture that lets us stay on the land we love and work with the cows that have brought us so much joy over the years. We have remodeled a barn on our property where we are selling CREAMLINE - natural, wholesome Grade A raw Jersey milk. The milk is provided fresh daily by grass fed cows.
If you know anything about Jerseys, you know the health benefits from drinking Jersey milk. Kept cold, it has an extended shelf-life. Just shake the jug each time you use it to blend the cream and enjoy the richest tasting milk you have ever enjoyed.
Parents who want to give their children optimum health benefits, homemakers who demand quality ingredients in everything they bake, seniors who recognize the importance of strong bones or people who simply enjoy a glass of great tasting milk will love CREAMLINE.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, give us a call at (940) 389-3816 or email us at diamondcb@yahoo.com and we’ll get your name in our database.
The welcome mat is always out!
Happy Trails,
Clifford & Cheryl Buchanan